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Unravelling the Cause of Phantom Traffic Jams

TRANSPORTATION Unravelling the Cause of Phantom Traffic Jams ORGANIZATION: VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY LOCATION: NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES CUSTOMER NEED: TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, 2023 Vanderbilt University uses 294 Axis PTZ cameras along a four-mile stretch of Interstate 24 to conduct ground-breaking research on vehicle behavior and traffic flow to improve congestion management across Tennessee. Local…
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​Axis M4218-V vs. M4216-V vs. M4215-V: A Comprehensive Comparison of High-Performance Network Cameras

Axis Communications, a renowned leader in network video solutions, offers a range of high-performance network cameras designed to meet diverse surveillance needs. In this comparison article, we will explore the distinctive features, specifications, and use cases of three outstanding models: Axis M4218-V, M4216-V, and M4215-V. Whether you are seeking advanced video quality, enhanced low-light performance, or cost-effective surveillance…
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Axis P Series vs. Axis M Series vs. Axis Q Series: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis

In the intricate realm of network video solutions, Axis Communications has solidified its reputation as an industry pioneer, consistently pushing the boundaries of surveillance technology. As a testament to their commitment to innovation, Axis offers three flagship series – the Axis P Series, Axis M Series, and Axis Q Series – each meticulously designed to…
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​Axis Lightfinder vs. Lightfinder 2.0: A Comprehensive Comparison of Low-Light Imaging Technologies

In the realm of video surveillance, the ability to capture clear and detailed images in low-light conditions is critical for ensuring effective security. Axis Communications, a global leader in network video solutions, has developed two groundbreaking low-light imaging technologies - Axis Lightfinder and Lightfinder 2.0. In this comparison article, we will explore the distinctive features,…
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