Retail Analytics Significantly Improve Total Sales

Identifying customer traffic trends is a critical requirement in today’s business environment.  These analytics are especially useful for ensuring proper staffing levels and converting ‘browsers to buyers’.  More than simply ‘counting people’, our advanced technology provides:

  • Total persons
  • Persons entrancing and exiting
  • Queue management and alerting
  • Customer age and gender
  • Total occupancy

Previous retail analytic systems relied upon connecting to the use mobile devices of those persons within the establishment, resulting in numerous privacy concerns by advocacy groups.  Shoppers hold their personal privacy with great regard, often refusing to patronize businesses that fail to respect this concern.  The technologies used by CTSI analyze video streams from specialty and existing security cameras, but store no personal identifying information or images.  Providing our customers with a competitive, while protecting the privacy of the public, just another day at CTSI!

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