Outdoor Wireless

Outdoor Wireless

Historically, there have been two choices for voice & data backhaul within an organization:  leasing telco lines or provisioning private fiber connections.  Both offer advantages but have serious drawbacks in cost, deployment time, reliability and dependency on third-party networks.

Wireless backhaul, also known as fixed wireless technology, has become a common method of connecting networks within different locations.

Point-to-point wireless backhaul requires a lower initial cost to deploy vs. fiber and without the reliance on a third-party.  Point-to-point broadband wireless excels in performance, reliability, security and support.  Wireless backhaul provides many advantages over traditional hard wire connections:

  • More bandwidth than what telco's can provide
    ·  Connectivity where you need it
    ·  Lower costs (extremely high ROI/TCO)
    ·  Low latency
    ·  Exceeds DOD Security specifications
    ·  Eliminates telco dependency
    ·  Greater reliability
    ·  Faster deployment
    · Control your own network
    ·  Direct Communications
    ·  True redundant network
    ·  No contracts

CTSI provides the highest level of microwave path analysis, solution design and wireless installation expertise to provide you with direct connections that are truly private and secure without the ongoing costs of telco circuits.  Whether your needs are Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint, wireless mesh or LTE, CTSI will professionally design and install your outdoor wireless solution to make the integration to your network environment as seamless as possible.

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