"...the device, which looks like a small trailer, will allow authorities to monitor problem areas and festivals remotely. "

“Among the places SkyWatch will be used is Mr. Gyros, 1100 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. Officers are sent to Mr. Gyros every weekend because it’s one of the few places people can go when bars close at 3 a.m.”

Records show there have been 148 calls for police service at or near the restaurant since 2009, including noise complaints, fights, robberies, a stabbing and even a murder just outside the restaurant in 2010. Earlier this year, a 38-year-old man was gunned down a block away.

“On some nights, 100 people will gather, disrupting anyone who lives nearby. SkyWatch gives the department a presence at the restaurant without having to assign officers to the site. When a camera is set up, people tend to behave a little better,” Buscher stated.

Mike Midiri Jr., Springfield Police Telecommunications Manager, said he researched SkyWatch extensively and was impressed with its capabilities.

Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher, Springfield Police Department, Deputy Chief, Police Department - City of Springfield, Illinois